Sunday, July 2, 2017

Allstar Link Online


The N6JER Allstar node is up!  Thanks to Skyler KD0WHB and Jack KE0VH for their help with time, experience and equipment, node 45844 is online.

N6JER, #45844, is a low level simplex node running 5w into a 7dB antenna from west Rocklin on 442.950 PL 141.3.  Coverage extends to most of Rocklin (except eastern areas in the shadow along Rocklin Rd, etc.) as well as north Roseville.  This node is using the KI6FEO repeater output frequency with permission.

The node is currently linked full-time to the KD0WHB hub (46079), which is tied to the W0GV repeater (448.975 / node 42845) in Denver CO, as well as the KE0VH simplex node (445.900) in Lakewood CO.  

Node status and current connections can be found in real time at:

More information about the Allstar internet linking system can be found at:

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