Monday, September 30, 2019

Rocklin / Lincoln CA Police and Fire Scanner

If you enjoy listening in to the local police and fire departments, please check out my live scanner feed.  Listen online at  This provides audio for the Rocklin and Lincoln CA police and fire departments, which operate VHF repeaters. The frequencies in rotation are below:

Rocklin Police 156.030 MHz
Rocklin Fire 154.145 MHz
Lincoln Police 156.090 MHz
Lincoln Fire 151.010 MHz

The scanner hardware is a Radio Shack Pro2096 trunking scanner.  She's old but still works really well.  Radio Shack knew how to make radios (RIP)!  The scanner audio is fed into the internal sound card on an HP laptop running Windows 7.  Audio is encoded and sent to Broadcastify using Proscan's RadioFeed 4.5 software.

I strive to provide a quality stream with high uptime and good audio.  If you hear any issues such as open squelch, excessive static/noise/hum, or other problems that are more than intermittent (lasting for more than 24 hours), please contact me using the Broadcastify Report a Problem link.  

Thank you for listening!  I hope you enjoy the service and that you'll share it with others that may also find it fun to listen to the chatter of local PD/FD activity.